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Contractual Adoption Agreement


 Our online contractual Adoption agreement:

This is our contractual Adoption agreement. It is the same online as it is in paper form.



Country Charm Chihuahuas

Official Contractual Adoption Agreement:

           This Adoption agreement is for the Adoption of one male / female Chihuahua puppy for $____________________ to _______________________ on ___________________. Above said puppy was born on ________________. Said puppy is / is not sold with full AKC paperwork and is sold with intentions of said puppy to be an indoor personal/family companion. Signer(s) of this contract is/are the guarantor that said puppy will not be in any way, part of any caged kennel breeding program or puppy mill. (Country Charm Chihuahuas reserves the right to reposes any sold animal that is part of such and/or has been found to have been mistreated, malnourished,abandoned, or abused as reported by any agency of authority) FOR PET ONLY. (If ‘FOR PET ONLY’ is Bold then puppy is intended as a family pet, and therefore, no registration paperwork and/or breeding rights will be issued.)


          The buyer agrees that within 72 hours from time of receiving above said puppy on _______________, puppy shall be checked by a licensed veterinarian of their choosing, or shall forfeit any and/or all guarantees either written or verbal. Country Charm Chihuahuas will guarantee against any life threatening genetic defect the veterinarian may find within this 72 hour period. Let it be clear that this guarantee does not cover death or injury due to neglect or abuse, Parvo, Corona, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Para-influenza, Kennel cough, Coccidia, Giardia, or any other communicable disease or parasite. (*Due to the highly contagious nature and rapid progression of diseases and parasites, we cannot be held liable. In ALMOST ALL cases, exposure to such is from an environment placed in after said puppy was removed of our care.*) If during the 1 year period following the receipt of your new puppy your veterinarian finds a life threatening congenital defect not related to the for-mentioned items you have 24 hours to notify us and 72 hours to return the puppy to us(if applicable)with a signed health record from the certified veterinarian. At our discretion, we may have the puppy checked again by our veterinarian. If both veterinarians concur to the same life threatening genetic defect, we will replace the puppy with one out of our next available litters of equal value of our discretion. Our puppies have been vet certified by our Indiana licensed veterinarian and have been vaccinated and dewormed age appropriate, and with all records retained. This information is recorded in the health record you receive with your puppy; however, said puppy may still be required to complete their course of vaccinations and dewormings with yearly boosters to maximize protection success. Buyer is responsible for all necessary vet checks and follow-up vaccinations. Vaccinations MUST be given to puppy by a licensed Veterinarian.(** Buyer self vaccinations will void any and/or all guarantees**)


          This guarantee also does not cover what is considered normal problems of this breed (examples being, but not limited to: luxating patella, cherry eye, malocclusions, hypoglycemia(info is adjoining contract), hydrocephalus, or skin allergies such as demodicosus). Country Charm Chihuahuas does not intentionally and never will knowingly or purposely inter-breed dogs within the same family tree, or breed any dogs with any known undesirable conditions. Certain conditions are common for the breed and may not show in the parents; yet at times do appear in some puppies. Again, if said puppy is not taken to a veterinarian during the first 72 hours from time of sale any and/or all guarantee(s) written and/or verbal is/are considered null and void.____

It is important you follow your puppies’ vaccination schedule to insure your puppy has a healthy start to life. Failure to follow this schedule could result in illness to your puppy that may lead to death. Check your locality rules and regulations for proper licensing and/or vaccination requirements. (**self vaccinations will void any and/or all guarantees either written or verbal) Rabies is required in the state of Indiana ( for all dogs over 3 months old, as is the case in most other cities/states. Rabies shots are required in order to get a license for your dog. Check with your vet or city department to find out your local requirements/codes.____​


          Any and all expenses for the above said puppy are the sole responsibility of the buyer from the time of receipt forth. (Including but not limited to routine physicals, fecal exams, blood work, testing, medications, vaccinations, or any preventatives). You will be provided with a health record stating the vaccines and dewormings your puppy has received, as well as their 'to go' kit. (Similar to a new baby coming home from the hospital, kit may include: fave blanket, fave toy, starter food, health record, informational packet, etc.) ALL PUPPIES shall remain on the same foods provided at pick-up for a minimum of 30 days from pick-up unless changes are made and written by a licensed veterinarian. At the time of the signing of this agreement, both parties: Seller and Buyer do so agree the appearance and condition of the above said puppy is said to be of good health and shows no signs of any illness or injury._____


          Country Charm Chihuahuas tries our best to give you an estimated adult size/weight of your puppy by profiling various factors, and have done pretty well at estimating future size/weight; however, adult weight can vary depending on diet and exercise and sometimes genetics. Therefore: we do not at any time guarantee the adult size/ weight of your puppy, and this agreement overrides any other agreement either written or verbal.____


          If your puppy is sold with registration papers, Country Charm Chihuahuas will generally provide you with the registration form at time of sale. If for some reason they cannot (have not been received from registrant (AKC/CKC), you will get said paperwork within 30 days from the time seller receives the form(s) from registrant. Country Charm Chihuahuas retains the right to hold any papers for their records and also retains the right to retain/release any papers at their discretion. Breeding right and/or AKC paperwork - “Country Charms” MUST precede any other formal given name.____


          Buyer agrees to not relinquish said puppy to a shelter without first contacting Country Charm Chihuahuas. We provide you with permission to re-home your puppy to a responsible home, however, buyer agrees to supply seller with any known new owner information. At NO TIME EVER may you relinquish said dog/puppy to a shelter or humane society. By doing this you will be in violation of this contract and legal action will be pursued. Country Charm Chihuahuas will always be a shelter free breeder, and will be willing to make arrangements to re-home any of our dogs/puppies if for any reason you are no longer able to keep/care for your puppy/dog. No refunds or repayments shall be issued in such event .____


          All sales are final and we do not offer cash refunds. Any situational resolution resulting in a refund of any amount and for any reason, Country Charm Chihuahuas will mail said refund (generally in the form of a check) within 45 days of resolution date.____


          Country Charm Chihuahuas tries to maintain a friendly environment with friendly atmosphere. Our goal is to retain deposits on puppies as soon as possible so we know these guys will be going to a good home. Each puppy needs a name. We like to have them named as soon as possible so we can start their training, as well as associate them so they can adjust to their name and know it before they go to their new home. Puppy papers are released to you with the name field left blank. This is intended for you to enter whatever name you choose. If you leave a deposit for your puppy, please have a name. If you do not, then we will pick a name for you. Country Charm Chihuahuas would like them to keep any of our given name(s), but it is not required or necessary with the exception of breeding right and/or AKC paperwork - “Country Charms” MUST precede any other formal given name.____

*** General Reminder - Please remember: Chihuahuas are indoor dogs and should not be kept in an outdoor environment for long periods of time. Chihuahuas are small dogs. In unprotected outdoor environments, they can become prey to many forms of predators. Be sure to watch your puppy closely. In warm weather it is very important for your Chihuahua to have plenty of fresh water as they do dehydrate easily. Puppies at times can become carsick, however, they normally adapt quickly. It may be helpful to put your dog in a crate when in the car to minimize this from happening. NEVER leave your pet in a vehicle for long periods of time unattended- for any reason! We have given your puppy a great start to a happy and healthy life. It is your responsibility to continue with the care of your puppy!


By signing this agreement you agree to all the above mentioned terms and conditions and to provide your new puppy with a loving home and the proper vet care he or she will need to live a quality healthy and happy life. We thank you for choosing one of our puppies and hope you enjoy your new puppy. We hope that your puppy brings you years of joy and pleasure. If at any time you have a question or concern feel free to call, e-mail, or text us and also check up on us at our Country Charm Chihuahuas group on Facebook.


Seller Signature______________________________________________Date__________________________________


Seller Name Printed_________________________________________________________________________________



Buyer Signature______________________________________________Date__________________________________


Buyers Name Printed________________________________________________________________________________


Buyers Current Address_____________________________________________________________________________




Buyer Phone Number_______________________________________________________________________________



Country Charm Chihuahuas will never solicit your personal information. This information is for record keeping purposes only.



Rev. 11/19




Signs Of Hypoglycemia


            Hypoglycemia is a condition in which the blood sugar level drops to an extremely low level, causing a "sugar attack". When levels of glucose in the blood drop rapidly, the dog's body and brain are deprived of essential nutrients. The symptoms of hypoglycemia can be weakness, seizures, coma, and in severe cases-death.
            Because Chihuahuas are so small, they can be prone to hypoglycemia, especially when they are very young. Hypoglycemia can be caused by stress, change of environment, illness, lack of food, and/or by using up stored energy without it being replenished. It is
EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to make sure that young puppies and very tiny Chihuahuas eat regularly throughout the day.

                BE PREPARED by having the necessary items available, should you have the need to treat a hypoglycemic episode. Hypoglycemic episodes are fairly easy to treat, as there are only a few items recommended to keep on had should an episode happen. First, have a small bottle of KARO SYRUP on hand. Most people often have a bottle in the pantry they use for baking. Another option is A high calorie supplement. One such supplement is called Nutri-Cal and is available at most local pet stores or through your vet. A third option available is dextrose, however, this option a professional option, generally reserved for your vet.

               IMPORTANT SYMPTOMS to look for include vomiting, diarrhea, listlessness, pale to white gums, staggering gait, and refusal to eat. If the dog does not receive treatment for this, the "sugar attack" can progress into the more serious stages of this condition. Behavior such as inability to hold down food and diarrhea can become progressively worse to the point of seizures, complete unresponsiveness, and even death.
                PREVENT HYPOGLYCEMIA by paying attention to what your puppy eats. Being sure your new puppy is getting plenty of nourishment (both food and water) is the number one way to prevent hypoglycemia. If your puppy goes for long periods of time not eating, it can be a sign that there is something wrong. We encourage open feeding. This is where the puppy has access to food 24 hours a day. and can eat whenever they feel hungry. If your puppy starts having issues with weight gain, you may have to limit this, but we do not recommend anything but open feeding for any dog/puppy less than 2 years old. This is their main growing stage, and malnourishment, even in its lightest form, is just asking for problems at this stage of their development. In MOST cases, hypoglycemia tends to fade off by the time your puppy reaches six months of age, but rarely, in very small chihuahuas -generally charting near or under 2 lbs as adult- hypoglycemia may attack at any age.
THIS INFORMATION is not intended to replace the advice of your Veterinarian. If you suspect your puppy has issues with Hypoglycemia, call your vet and speak to them immediately! Please be mind-full of your vet. They are not all the same. Be sure to find a good vet that is knowledgeable of chihuahuas. Chihuahuas often need special care until they reach adulthood, and unfortunately, not all vets recognize this fact. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me anytime at (574)304-5079.
                I have read and understand what to do in the case that my puppy develops Hypoglycemia. I also agree to provide Veterinary care for my puppy if he/she shows
any of the symptoms above. I will NOT hold Country Charm Chihuahuas or any of their representatives responsible in the case that my puppy develops or has any issues with Hypoglycemia.*

Buyer's Signature:_________________________________________________Date:________11/20/19__________
*This page is not a contract. It is only for verification that you “the buyer” were informed of the seriousness of hypoglycemia. It is written in paragraph three of the Official Contractual Buy/Sell Agreement accompanying this form.



ATTENTION: Some important information about chihuahuas & some common questions you may have about: What is "Hypoglycemia"?
          Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, can be life threatening to a chihuahua, and many other tiny breeds. A chihuahua has a tiny liver, so they can not store very much sugar, the tinier the chihuahua, the smaller the liver, so normally the extra tiny babies will take extra care & attention. If the blood sugar starts getting low, you may notice your dog/puppy not showing interest in food, being less active, stumbling around, and in later stages may go into seizures and/or coma, and die. It is important that you know what to do if your chihuahua goes into sugar shock. First of all, don't panic. Unless your puppy is listless, having breathing issues, and/or having seizures: you do not need to rush your dog to the vet, unless you feel it is absolutely absolutely necessary.

          TREATING HYPOGLYCEMIA can be a little difficult depending on what stage the puppy is in. Stages are just noted by elapsed time. There are no notable “markers” for stages. Every puppy with hypoglycemia may act differently when they “crash” Some may take hours to “crash”, some may “crash” almost instantly. This is just a rough guide. STAGE 1: pale gums, staggering gait, look and acts of tiredness, eyes not open all the way(the way you would imagine they would look if they had a headache). At this stage, you should easily be able to give them a teaspoon of KARO SYRUP or high calorie supplement by mouth, and they will generally eat it on their own. May even enjoy it, as it is like candy. Stage 2: Listlessness, Vomiting, uncontrolled bowel movement(generally loose)and/or troubled breathing. The first thing I would recommend to not panic and remain calm. Be prepared to head to the vet if necessary. Use your index finger to rub some KARO SYRUP (CLEAR SYRUP) or high calorie supplement on the gums and tongue of your puppy. Place a small dab on your finger and smear it inside of your puppies mouth all over as much as you can cover: roof, gums,and tongue. Use a small amount as so the puppy does not choke on it, but use as much as you can get them to eat safely. They may try to eat it slowly. It may take a few minutes, but the puppy should start to 'come around'. When the puppy starts to 'come around' try to get it to eat a tablespoon or two of high calorie supplement on their own and offer them any kind of food they will eat on their own. Stage 3: Seizures and complete unresponsiveness. This is the emergency stage- head to the vet, if you have a cell phone, call them on the way. I highly recommend Dextrose (consult us or your vet before using dextrose) as it's more likely to run down their throat and absorb into the gums act quicker to get their blood sugars back up, but requires a more professional stance in regards to using it.

            Where there are no guarantees that your puppy will not have issues with hypoglycemia, but to help prevent this from ever happening, it is important to minimize the amount of stress you put on your new baby. This can be done in several ways. We understand -everyone loves puppies- BUT you can have more success by not taking them to pet stores, friends, and getting them in loud, scary situations, at least for the ferst few days as they aclimate themselves to their new enviornment. Chihuahuas need a lot of rest as babies, and shouldn't be made to play or be held for long periods of time. Especially if they are tired. It is also important to make sure they are getting plenty of food and water. NEVER CHANGE YOUR NEW PUPPIES FOOD COMPLETELY. Chihuahuas can be notorious for being picky, so if they don't seem to be eating well, please call us for recommendations. If you would like to change your puppy's food to another brand or type, we have found the best success by mixing the new food in at 25% increments over a period of several feedings. Check the food dish often to see what your puppy is eating. If you mix in new food, please know how much you put in. Chihuahuas are known for sorting and will sort out the food they like. If the new food is still there, your puppy is not eating it and may not be getting enough nourishment, which can cause issues with hypoglycemia. Discontinue the food switch immediately and resort back to the original food. Food switches often cause loose stools. If your puppy gets a loose stool for more then 24 hours, it should be taken to the vet to be sure everything is well.



Rev 11/19

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